6 Reasons to Visit Pediatric Urgent Care vs ER in Beach Blvd Jacksonville, FL

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Top 6 Reasons to Visit Urgent Cares Near Beach Blvd Jacksonville, FL

There are several reasons why you should consider visiting a pediatric urgent care facility rather than an ER if your child is in need of medical attention. For the majority of the medical attention that your child might need, an urgent care clinic is often the better option, particularly for minor ailments – so long as it is not an emergent situation, urgent care is an excellent option. Listed below are six important reasons why you should visit a pediatric urgent care center rather than the emergency room.

1. Pediatric urgent care centers can treat children with minor medical problems.

If your child is suffering from a mild or minor ailment, then pediatric urgent care can easily treat it. If it is not a life-threatening or emergency situation, then a pediatric urgent care clinic is the better option as an urgent care clinic is better suited to dealing with minor to moderate medical situations, as opposed to an ER, where serious, life-threatening medical situations must be seen to first.

2. Pediatric urgent care can typically treat the common cold and flu-like symptoms.

If your child has the flu or a cold, then, typically, the best option is to take them to visit a pediatric urgent care clinic, rather than the ER. In the majority of children, flu-like and cold symptoms are not life-threatening – this is not the case in newborns, if your newborn displays these symptoms, take them to the ER immediately – and can easily be treated and diagnosed at a pediatric urgent care clinic.

3. At a pediatric urgent care, your child will be seen and treated faster than at a hospital emergency room.

If you visit a pediatric urgent care facility, you will be seen faster than at an emergency room. At the emergency room, you will experience often lengthy wait times, as the order you are seen in there is determined by priority; whereas, at a pediatric urgent care facility, you will be served on a walk-in basis and your child will receive treatment much more quickly.

4. There is no sacrifice of quality when seeking treatment at a pediatric urgent care clinic.

Urgent care clinics are staffed by medical professionals and fully certified doctors who are fully capable of treating and seeing to your child’s medical needs – they are also trained in pediatrics, meaning that they will be patient and well-suited to treating children. Urgent care facilities are equipped with onsite radiology and laboratories, allowing them to quickly and efficiently diagnose your child so that they may receive effective treatment quickly.

5. Pediatric urgent care is more convenient when it comes to mild to moderate medical problems.

If your children need urgent medical care for minor to moderate medical problems or conditions, then a pediatric urgent care facility is ideal. You can walk-in and be seen on the spot, without lengthy wait times. Urgent care facilities operate on a walk-in basis, meaning that you will be seen in the order which you arrived in – making for much shorter wait times than you would experience at an emergency room.

6. A visit to a pediatric urgent care clinic is less expensive than a trip to the emergency room for minor to moderate medical conditions.

For what they treat and the services that they offer, pediatric urgent care facilities are much cheaper than a visit to the emergency room. Even with good insurance coverage, visiting the emergency room for a minor or moderate medical issue for your child will be expensive; urgent care facilities are less expensive and are typically covered by insurance.
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