6 Reasons to Visit Urgent Cares Near Oak Ridge, FL Instead of the ER

6 Reasons to Visit Pediatric Urgent Care vs ER in Oak Ridge, FL

Learn the 6 Benefits of Choosing Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care vs ER in Oak Ridge, FL. For More Information, Call Our Clinic or Walk in Today, No Appointment Necessary, No Wait! We Provide Top Rated Pediatric Medical Care for Children of All Ages 7 Days a Week.

6 Reasons to Visit Pediatric Urgent Care vs ER in Oak Ridge, FL
6 Reasons to Visit Pediatric Urgent Care vs ER in Oak Ridge, FL

When your child gets ill or injured, even if the situation is minor, it might be your instinct to take him or her to the ER. For major, life-threatening emergencies, the ER is absolutely necessary, but for minor, non-life-threatening emergencies, it’s not necessary, and there’s a better option. This option is pediatric urgent care where you can take your child during minor but urgent situations. In minor situations, urgent care is the better option, and there are many reasons for this. Here are some of the top reasons to visit pediatric urgent care vs. the ER in Oak Ridge, FL.

In minor but urgent situations, pediatric urgent care is quicker

The ER is the only option during major, life-threatening emergencies or if a parent isn’t sure whether a situation is a major, life-threatening emergency. However, it isn’t the best option during minor emergencies like strep throat or a minor sprain. This is because at the ER, there are significant wait times for patients with minor emergencies, but this isn’t the case at a pediatric urgent care clinic. With pediatric urgent care, your child will be able to see a doctor much more quickly.

The ER is more expensive for minor-emergency care

For minor emergencies, the ER can be very expensive, sometimes costing hundreds of dollars. Even with insurance coverage, it’s still expensive. But with pediatric urgent care, their services are much less expensive, and the clinic will very likely accept your insurance.

Pediatric urgent care doesn’t compromise quality

You can expect quality doctors, equipment, and care at the ER, but you can also expect this at pediatric urgent care! The doctors are fully capable and board-certified, the equipment is state-of-the-art, and the care is from an actual pediatrician, the most qualified type of professional to treat children!

At pediatric urgent care, you get a dedicated pediatrician

This is another major benefit of choosing pediatric urgent care over the ER for minor-emergency care. The ER doesn’t necessarily have a trained pediatrician available, so you might not find one there, but you’ll find many pediatricians at pediatric urgent care. These professionals dedicate their entire professional lives to helping children and learning more about how to help them better, so you might want to have one for your child. Also, you can have very high confidence in their capabilities.

With pediatric urgent care, your child will get the same services your pediatrician or family doctor provides

If you already have a pediatrician, or if you have a family doctor, then you know how much he or she can help your child. You should also know that an urgent care pediatrician can provide the same kinds of services, so if your child’s health situation is ever urgent (but still non-life-threatening), then you can see an urgent care pediatrician instead and you won’t need to wait for an appointment.

There is pediatric urgent care near you in Oak Ridge, FL!

For young patients and their parents in the Oak Ridge area, Night Lite Pediatrics is a short distance away. We might be closer than your nearest emergency room, and with us, you won’t have to wait for service, and you won’t have to pay high prices. Come see us today for quick, convenient, affordable care from a fully qualified pediatrician. Our clinic is open for you 7 days a week, and you’ll find us over at 5900 South John Young Parkway, Orlando, FL 32839. You can also call us at (407) 434-8171 for more information. Simply walk in. No appointment necessary!

We hope to see you and your child soon here at Night Lite Pediatrics in Oak Ridge!

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