6 Reasons to Visit Urgent Cares Near Oviedo, FL Instead of the ER

6 Reasons to Visit Pediatric Urgent Care vs ER in Oviedo, FL

Learn the 6 Benefits of Choosing Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care vs ER in Oviedo, FL. For More Information, Call Us or Walk in Today, With No Appointment Necessary and Zero Wait! We Provide Top Rated Pediatric Medical Care for Children 7 Days a Week and Late at Night.

6 Reasons to Visit Pediatric Urgent Care vs ER in Oviedo, FL
6 Reasons to Visit Pediatric Urgent Care vs ER in Oviedo, FL

When it comes to your children, even a minor health emergency can seem like a major one, so you might take your child to the ER. However, if you’re sure that the situation is urgent but minor, like with strep throat or a common ankle sprain, then there’s a better option: pediatric urgent care. For minor emergencies, with pediatric urgent care, there are a number of advantages over the ER. Here are the top reasons to visit pediatric urgent care vs. the ER in Oviedo, FL.

In minor emergencies, pediatric urgent care can provide quicker service

You might be thinking that because the ER (emergency room) provides walk-in, immediate, and emergency healthcare, they must be an excellent place to go for any kind of health situation. While they’re the only option for major, life-threatening emergencies, they’re not the only option for minor, non-life-threatening emergencies. In fact, for these minor health situations, pediatric urgent care is able to provide quicker walk-in service, whereas with the ER, there are significant wait times.

For minor emergencies, pediatric urgent care is much less expensive

The ER is costly if you go there for minor emergency care. It’s costly even if you have insurance coverage. But with pediatric urgent care, the costs are much lower, and they also accept insurance. And even though the costs are lower, pediatric urgent care doesn’t compromise in quality.

When choosing pediatric urgent care, you get quality

Fully trained doctors, state-of-the-art equipment, radiology and laboratory services—these are all things you’ll find at the ER, but also at pediatric urgent care. In fact, you won’t necessarily find the same kind of doctor at the ER that you’ll find at pediatric urgent care, and that kind of doctor is a pediatrician! A pediatrician could be considered the highest quality kind of doctor for children because these professionals specialize in pediatrics, which is healthcare for children, exclusively, and pediatricians understand children’s health needs better than many other healthcare professionals.

With pediatric urgent care, your child will have a dedicated pediatrician

This is a huge benefit of pediatric urgent care over the ER. When you go to the ER for minor emergency pediatric care, you might not even find a pediatrician there, and probably won’t find one you’ll be able to see on an ongoing basis. With pediatric urgent care, this is different. There will be a dedicated pediatrician available to you whenever your child needs to see one, and you can see the same pediatrician continually in the future. Also, your child will benefit from the services of a professional who has dedicated their careers to helping children with their health issues. This is the best minor emergency healthcare a child can get!

Urgent care pediatricians provide the same services your pediatrician or family doctor provides

This means you can take your child to see an urgent care pediatrician for any kind of minor emergency or common healthcare service, like a physical exam, X-ray, strep throat test, and more. You can even take your child in for care for chronic conditions like asthma. Of course, with pediatric urgent care, there’s the added benefit of being able to see a pediatrician without the need for an appointment!

There’s a pediatric urgent care center near you in Oviedo!

Parents can bring young patients into our Oviedo FL clinic here at Night Lite Pediatrics. We’re located over at 1500 Alafaya Trail. Oviedo, FL 32765, and we’re open for you late every day of the week, including weekends. And yes, you don’t have to make an appointment in order to see us! You can call us at (407) 385-1790 for more information, or you can just bring your child right in for immediate care.

We look forward to your visit with us soon here at Night Lite Pediatrics!

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