Children’s Doctor Near Doctor Phillips, Orlando, FL

Children’s Doctor in Doctor Phillips, Orlando, FL

Looking for a Children’s Doctor Near Doctor Phillips, Orlando, FL? Expert Pediatricians at Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care and Walk in Clinic in Doctor Phillips, Orlando, FL Provide Top Pediatric Medical Care from Newborns to Children Up to 21 Years Old Every Day, After Hours Until Midnight. We Are Located at 8956 Turkey Lake Rd Suite 950, Orlando, FL 32819. Just minutes away from Universal Studios, Sea World and Disney World.

Children's Doctor in Doctor Phillips, Orlando, FL
Children's Doctor in Doctor Phillips, Orlando, FL

Truly, children are the future. We prepare them for the real world and do whatever we can for them while they’re young. This specialized care doesn’t stop at the structure of your family. When you seek care for your little one for an injury or illness, you should seek the care from a practitioner with experience in pediatrics. At Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care, serving Orlando, FL and the surrounding region, our team of experts addresses injuries and illnesses occurring in newborns up to 21 years of age.

What Is a Children’s Doctor?

A children’s doctor is a pediatrician. This particular physician underwent the necessary education to enter medical school. Then, he or she had to earn a license to practice medicine. Finally, he or she completed a pediatric residency to specialize in diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries as well as performing preventative medical practices on children. Once this person completed these prerequisites, a pediatrician must earn a board certification in order to practice in that state.

What Is Pediatric Medicine?

Pediatric medicine entails all areas of a child’s health and wellness. This includes both sick and well visits. Immunizations and physicals are part of pediatric medicine as well. You may bring children who are sick or injured in for pediatric medical attention because those who specialize in this branch of medicine understand how a child’s body develops and how to address the issue appropriately. The treatment of pediatric conditions revolves around methods that are safe to use on children and aren’t known to cause any long-term complications.

What Conditions or Diseases Can a Children’s Doctor Treat?

Pediatric medicine focuses on the issues that plague children most often, such as ear and respiratory infections, gastroenteritis (stomach flu), influenza, and pink eye. For infections not caused a bacteria, parents receive advice on how to manage symptoms until the child’s body is able to ward off the infection. This is how a pediatrician helps with issues like the flu in addition to viral ear and eye infections.

Through the use of pain management techniques and casting, a pediatrician also takes care of children who break or fracture a bone. Additionally, a pediatrician can help kids who have a sprain or a strain by prescribing a brace and utilizing pain management techniques. In addition, bug bites and bee stings are issues a pediatrician can assist with by relieving swelling or itching. Someone who practices pediatric medicine has the ability to remove ticks safely. You may also receive care for your child’s asthma or allergies with a pediatrician medical specialist.

Why Should I Go to a Children’s Doctor at Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care in Doctor Phillips, Orlando?

First and foremost, our team has comprehensive knowledge and experience in pediatric care. We know how to address children’s needs properly and how to care for them in a compassionate manner to keep them at ease. All members of our staff realize how upset parents are when their child is sick or injured, so we always provide education and support.

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