Children’s Doctor Near Winter Garden, FL

Children’s Doctor Near Winter Garden, FL

Looking for a Children’s Doctor Near Winter Garden, FL? Our Expert Doctors at Night Lite Pediatrics Provide Top Urgent Care for Kids from Newborns to Children Up to 21 Years of Age. We Are Open Every Day, With Convenient After Hours Until Midnight. We Are Located at 13750 W Colonial Dr. Winter Garden, FL 34787

Children's Doctor Near Me Winter Garden, FL
Children's Doctor Near Me Winter Garden, FL

The care required for children differs from that of an adult. Children are more prone to certain illnesses and require a physician who can treat these issues accordingly while also not causing any long-term consequences. Not to mention, certain issues are more prevalent in children, and it doesn’t help that children are often rambunctious and sustain an injury as a result. At Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care, serving Winter Gardens, FL and the nearby region, we specialize in caring for children’s unique medical needs.

What Is a Children’s Doctor?

A children’s doctor is a physician who understands the diagnostic processes and treatment for issues occurring in children. This particular medical specialist not only knows the medications and treatment options available for children but understands which ones are safest. Additionally, a doctor who treats children has comprehensive knowledge and skills in terms of performing routine physicals and other preventative medicine that promotes healthy growth in children.

The process of becoming a general practitioner is extensive, but those who want to work with children must further their education even more. They begin by earning their bachelor degree and then entering into a medical degree program. Once they complete this and take the examination to become a doctor, they then complete a residency program focusing on pediatric care. Afterward, this person takes an examination to gain licensure to practice as a pediatrician.

What Is Pediatric Medicine (Pediatrics)?

Pediatric medicine is a branch of the healthcare field that revolves around caring for children. This scope of practice entails the diagnostics, treatments, and preventative care for children. Additionally, pediatrics includes addressing chronic medical conditions that affect children, even if they aren’t conditions children typically have. Pediatrics even deals with the treatment of injuries and other issues that impact kids.

What Conditions/Diseases Can a Children’s Doctor Treat?

A children’s doctor has the ability to monitor numerous chronic ailments. One of the more common issue our pediatrician sees in children is asthma. This is an issue that occurs when a child experiences breathing difficulties as a result of airway constriction and/or inflammation. Children are more prone to asthma attacks than adults because their immune systems are still developing. They’re also more likely to experience an attack from allergies. Childhood obesity is playing a role in more and more kids developing asthma and suffering from attacks as well. Additionally, we manage allergies frequently, including food and airborne allergens.

Our clinic cares for acute illnesses as well. Typically, for a bacterial infection, we’re able to test and treat using antibiotics. Usually, we provide your child with a liquid or tablet that they take one to three times per day over the course of a specific amount of time, which varies based on the infection. For viral infections, we educate parents on ways to keep the child comfortable until his or her body fights the infection.

We take care of injuries – including sprains, strains, and fractures – as well as bug bites, bee stings, tick removal, lacerations, cuts, and other wounds.

Why Should I Go to a Children’s Doctor at Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care in Winter Garden?

We specialize in caring for issues that affect children most commonly. We know how to work with children to make them feel comfortable while gaining the confidence of their parents.

Walk in with your child to Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care, serving Winter Garden, FL and the surrounding region!

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