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Why Choose Night Lite Pediatric Concierge Medical Care Orlando FL?

Night Lite Pediatrics is an in room hotel medical service for children newborn to 21 years old. We want to make sure your family can get care and return to your vacation as quickly as possible. We are committed to delivering the highest level of medical care to your child as quickly and convenient as possible.

Benefits of having Night Lite Pediatrics as a primary medical option while vacationing / Why Night Lite Pediatrics is the best option!

So, what are the benefits of having one of our pediatrician at the comfort of your hotel resort or vacation home? Night Lite Pediatrics is located in Central Florida, Orlando Area and one of its main benefits is convenience. Why would you leave the comfort of your hotel room to drive all the way down in an unfamiliar area to the doctor’s office. There is no need to take time off from your vacations or important holiday plans to see a doctor. Not to mention the time you end up waiting in the doctor’s office to see your pediatrician.

That’s why Night Lite Pediatrics is so convenient. All you need to do is give us a call or request an appointment on our website and one of our friendly medical staff will collect your information and send a doctor to the convenience of your accommodations. Everything is private and confidential so you do not have to worry about your privacy.

Many travelers wonder about the cost of having one of our pediatrician at the convenience of their hotel, resort or vacation homes. Our prices are set thinking on traveler’s budget and needs. That the second most important benefit of having Night Lite Pediatrics service. Our budget friendly prices are as low as the standard doctor’s office services around the Orlando area with the advantage of not getting lost an unaware area or paying extra for a transportation. Who knows, maybe we are even less expensive and better that the regular doctor’s offices.

We know not everyone has the time or the budget to make an appointment or drive around looking for a doctor, so feel free to call us at any time.


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