Covid-19 Testing Clinics for Children Throughout Greater Orlando FL

Covid-19 Testing Clinics for Children Throughout Greater Orlando FL

Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care Now Provides Convenient Coronavirus (Covid-19) Testing for Kids Up to 21 Years. Same Day Covid-19 Testing Results Available at All Locations. Call Now for More Information on Simply Walk In.

Covid-19 Testing Clinics for Children Throughout Greater Orlando FL
Covid-19 Testing Clinics for Children Throughout Greater Orlando FL

At the best of times, it is commonplace for parents to be worried about their children’s health. So, when we are thrown into a global pandemic, it is quite reasonable for that specific anxiety to increase tenfold! At Night Lite Pediatrics, we understand and honor your concerns for your child’s health. We are happy to provide COVID-19 testing for any of your children.

How are children tested for coronavirus disease?

Children are tested in the same way that adults are tested for the novel coronavirus disease, but testing for COVID-19 is minimally invasive. The two standard types of COVID-19 tests are the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, also known as the nucleic-based acid or molecular test, and the antibody or serology tests. With the PCR test, nasopharyngeal swabs are taken from nasal secretions in the nose and back of the throat to detect the COVID-19 antigen. On the other hand, the serology test draws a small amount of blood from the patient’s arm to analyze it for the presence of antibodies. When the COVID-19 antigen enters your immune system, it triggers a response from your immune system to develop necessary antibodies to neutralize the virus. Since the PCR test detects the antigen, it is better suited to diagnose COVID-19. In contrast, the antibody test helps determine if the patient has already been infected or has recovered from COVID-19.

What if my child with special healthcare needs is sick with symptoms of COVID-19?

If your child has exceptional healthcare needs, and is sick with COVID-19-like symptoms, talk to your healthcare provider about how best to move forward with their healthcare routine. The first step should be to arrange for testing. If their healthcare needs can be met through telehealth, that is probably the best way to proceed. Continue to provide them with any medication or therapy unless otherwise directed by your child’s pediatrician or healthcare provider. If you are looking for a healthcare clinic that provides telehealth services, we would be happy to fill that need at Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care!

How likely is it for a child to get the coronavirus disease?

If it is any consolation, children seem to be less likely to get infected and experience complications from the novel coronavirus disease than adults. Experts are still uncertain as to why this is. That said, it is still possible for children to become infected with COVID-19 and experience a severe reaction. With infants, the likelihood of an infection is rare, but if they get infected, the possibility of experiencing a severe reaction is high due to their weakened immune systems. As such, it is in yours and your child’s best interest to adhere to the official guidelines laid out by your city and state officials to keep you and your child from getting sick.

What should I do if I think I or my child may have a COVID-19 infection?

The first thing to do is call your healthcare provider or a clinic that provides COVID-19 testing to arrange for you are your child to get tested for a COVID-19 infection. Until you can get tested, you should self-isolate to prevent any spread of the potential infection. Wash your hands regularly and wear a mask when interacting with other people.

Can I go to a pediatric urgent care for COVID-19 testing?

You sure can! At Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care, our urgent care clinics provide safe and efficient testing for COVID-19 for children of all ages. We take the utmost caution and care when it comes to keeping our patients and employees safe.

What ages can be seen for COVID-19 testing?

As a pediatric clinic, we provide testing for children of any age, from birth to 21. To limit the amount of traffic we receive at our clinic, we do not offer testing for anyone over the age of 21.

If your child requires testing for COVID-19, we can supply that for you at Night Lite Pediatrics! To book an appointment, call us or schedule one through our website. We have convenient locations to serve you throughout Florida, including the Greater Orlando region.

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