Rapid COVID-19 Testing for Pediatric Patients Near Doctor Phillips Orlando, FL

Rapid COVID-19 Testing for Pediatric Patients Near Doctor Phillips Orlando, FL

If your child is experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus come to Night Lite Pediatrics as we are now offering rapid COVID-19 testing. Visit our clinic today or inquire about our virtual visit options. Call now for more information.

Rapid COVID-19 Testing for Pediatric Patients Near Doctor Phillips Orlando, FL
Rapid COVID-19 Testing for Pediatric Patients Near Doctor Phillips Orlando, FL

Today at Night Lite Pediatrics, you can have your child tested for the coronavirus (COVID-19) if your child has any symptoms. We’re able to provide curbside testing and same-day results. If you’d like to learn more or have your child tested, call us or come visit us today. We’re one of your neighborhood providers of rapid COVID-19 testing for pediatric patients near Doctor Phillips Orlando, FL.

Should my child get a coronavirus test?

If you suspect your child may have been exposed to the coronavirus, you should consider getting a coronavirus test for your child. If your child is having the symptoms associated with coronavirus infection, you should absolutely get a test for your child. We can evaluate your child and help you decide whether testing is necessary. Our clinic is able to see patients as young as newborns and as old as 21.

How do you test for the coronavirus?

There are two ways to test for the virus. With the most reliable and common test, the COVID-19 molecular (RT-PCR) test, a nasal swab is done and tested. Results for this test are available after several days. With the second test, the rapid COVID-19 antigen test, results are available after only a couple of hours and are almost as reliable as with the molecular test. The rapid test is also a swab test.

Are the tests for coronavirus accurate?

Yes, the tests are very accurate. Results are especially reliable with the COVID-19 molecular test, and the results are almost as reliable with the rapid COVID-19 antigen test. This test is quicker and has a 96% rate of correlation with the molecular test.

How long do I have to wait for the results of a coronavirus test?

If our clinic tests your child using the COVID-19 molecular test, you’ll have results within 7 to 10 days. If our clinic uses the rapid COVID-19 antigen test instead, you’ll have results within 2 hours.

How expensive is the coronavirus test?

Testing is covered by health insurers. If a patient is suspected to have the virus, is under observation, or has been potentially exposed to the virus, testing will be covered. With screening through private insurance, some services are subject to copays/coinsurance/deductibles.

If a parent doesn’t have insurance, that’s okay, because the government’s CARES Act allows patients who are fully uninsured to get tested, and the test will be covered. These patients must bring us a valid photo ID and sign an affidavit stating that they don’t have insurance coverage.

Can I bring in my child for coronavirus testing only?

Yes, you can bring in your child for just a test. A referral is not necessary for this.

Do I need to make an appointment for coronavirus testing?

With our urgent care clinic, an appointment is not necessary. You can come in for on-the-spot testing at our clinic’s curbside.

Do all of your clinic locations provide COVID-19 testing?

Yes, so you can come see us at the clinic location nearest you. You’ll find that location’s address, hours of operation, and contact information on our website’s Locations page.

What precautions is your clinic taking?

At all of our locations, we’re taking the following precautions:

  • Preregistering parents online to help minimize how long you and your child are in our facility (this will minimize any risk of exposure; please call our clinic to preregister with us)
  • Letting just one parent accompany a patient, which will further minimize any risk of exposure
  • Encouraging visitors to wait in their vehicle, not in our facility, which will also minimize risk
  • Asking parents and their children over 2 years of age to wear a face mask when coming into our facility; our staff can provide a mask if you need one
    • If your child is over 2 years of age and having any upper respiratory or breathing complications, let us know about them right away when you come see us
  • Protecting ourselves and our patients by wearing personal protective equipment during the evaluations and tests we perform
  • Sanitizing our equipment and facility for our patients and staff
  • Providing the tests safely at our clinic’s curbside, not inside our clinic

What should I expect when I arrive at your clinic?

You can expect that we’ll take the precautions we mention above, and you can also expect your child’s testing to be relatively simple and performed at our clinic curbside. This will help ensure your and your child’s protection, as well as the protection of our other patients and our staff. Also, we ask that you understand that testing kits are limited in supply and available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Because of how many patients we get, you may experience wait times of up to three hours. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you offer rapid COVID-19 testing for pediatric patients near Doctor Phillips Orlando, FL?

Night Lite Pediatrics offers rapid COVID-19 testing near you and has a location nearby at 8956 Turkey Lake Rd Suite 950, Orlando, FL 32819. You can come by for testing any day of the week, and we’re open for you late. Please call us at (407) 506-0002 if you have any questions for us at all.

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