Rapid COVID-19 Testing Dr. Phillips “Tourist area”

Our specialists can give our patients the peace of mind and assurance that they need that if you are experiencing symptoms or have been in contact with the coronavirus, you have access to the immediate results to help ease your concerns. So, if your child has symptoms or you are concerned that they may have come in contact with the coronavirus, come to Night Lite Pediatrics for a quick and easy covid-19 test.

Our pediatric clinic is designed to provide care to patients up to 21 years old. However, we do also provide same-day Covid testing for the parents of children we are testing who meet the following criteria:

  • Only for parents of the tested child, within 24 hours of the child getting tested
  • They only have 1 underlying condition (Diabetes or HTN, not both)
  • They are less than 65 years of age
  • They are not immunocompromised
  • They are not using an anticoagulant
  • They are  not pregnant
  • They are currently showing no Covid related symptoms

We offer immediate infant and kids Covid-19 screening options in our Dr. Phillips “Tourist area” clinic, and in all of our Urgent Care Clinics. No referral is necessary to book your appointment online.

Our Location

Our Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care Dr. Phillips “Tourist area” facility is conveniently located in the Dr. Phillips “Tourist area” neighborhood in order to treat all patients from the nearby surrounding community.

  • Whether you need fast Covid-19 testing for your pediatric patient or you simply want to set up an appointment with one of our urgent care clinics, we can help. Please call us or visit our Dr. Phillips “Tourist area” location for rapid COVID-19 testing today.

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Our COVID-19 Rapid Tests

There are two means of testing for the coronavirus. First, there is the COVID-19 molecular test, also known as the RT-PCR. This is a nasal swab test that provides results within 3-5 days of taking the test. However, while the RT-PCR test is very reliable, it does not provide quick results, so it can cause disruption in your daily life.

The most widely used and widely accepted test for screening for coronaviruses is the rapid COVID-19 antigen test, which is also a swab-based test. This test can provide results in as little as 1 or 2 hours, and is often used to diagnose Coronavirus infections. And with a 96% rate of correlation with the molecular RT-PCR test, it’s almost just as accurate. 

If you have any other questions or concerns about Covid-19 and our testing, please click on the following link to access our detailed Covid-19 testing services page.

rapid covid-19 testing

How Much Does It Cost

If you have insurance, it will cover not only the patient who is suspected of having the coronavirus, but also those who may have been exposed to it as well.

But please remember, that with screening through any private insurance, some services may be subject to copays, coinsurances, or deductibles.

Uninsured patients will pay $160 for the rapid testing. Should you require a full visit it will be converted into our Self-pay ranging from $160 – $400.

Our Services

Night Lite Pediatrics Dr. Phillips “Tourist area” is the premiere pediatric service provider in Florida. Our range of pediatric services offers you multiple options to ensure the healthy development of your child.

To learn more about our pediatric services, click on the ‘services’ link on the menu and see how we can help your children.

Safety First

Our top priority is the safety of our patients, so we work hard to ensure that all necessary measures have been taken to provide you with the best experience possible. That’s why we only allow one parent to accompany their child into the clinic. This restriction helps us to minimize potential exposure for other patients and staff.

Our staff also wears personal protective equipment during patient evaluations and testing, and we also sanitize our exam rooms and equipment for each visit to help protect the safety of the other patients and staff at the clinic.


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