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Pediatric Urgent Care Family Savings Plan

at an affordable cost

Best Alternative Healthcare Option for Families on Budget

When your little one isn’t feeling well, simply walk-in to any of 13 locations during our open hours. Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care is open 7 days a week.

At a normal Pediatric Urgent Care, a visit at an Emergency room could cost you at a minimum $900.00…for your child.

With Night Lite Savings Plan, you have after-hours access to high quality pediatric care 7 days a week for a low monthly membership fee and only $50/visit!

Night Lite Savings Plan

Night Lite Savings Plan Benefits:

  • Basic pediatric urgent care clinic visits for only $50/visit
  • Highly discounted services
  • No hidden cost, deductibles, or copays
  • Unlimited Telemedicine Visits
  • Walk-in visits at any of our 13 locations
  • Onsite Lab & Radiology services
  • Available to children Newborn – 21Years old.
  • Open 7 days a week included holidays

What Can Be Treated Under Night Lite Savings Plan?

Common issues that we treat:

  • Allergies, cold, cough, sinuses and flu
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Insect bites, rashes and skin infections
  • Pink eye & minors eye Injuries
  • Diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration
  • Sprains, broken bones and lacerations
  • Fever, Ear, Nose & throat infections
  • Asthma, bronchitis & respiratory illness
  • And other urgent care illnesses

Compare the High Costs of Healthcare Visits to Night Lite Savings Plan Cost

Is there a gap in your coverage? Have a high deductible? Don’t have insurance? 

Night Lite Savings Plan can help you to be on budget

Price comparisons are based on Night Lite Pediatric pricing and industry averages
All prices are subject to change without notice
A Flat fee of $40.00 for a complex visit may apply*

Interested in the Night Lite Saving Plan? Call Us Now

How does it work?

Night Lite Saving Plan is perfect for individuals or families who seek more affordable access to after-hours urgent care services throughout the year.

Enrollment process:

  1. Patients/Parents will have the option to go online or call us to sign up for the program. One application must be submitted per patient
  2. A non-refundable $30 fee per application will apply or one application fee per family (maximum of 4 children)
    a. The parent will designate how many members in the family under 21 years old will participate
  3. The application will be reviewed by the enrollment specialist
    a. The enrollment specialist will reach out via phone or email if modifications need to be made
  4. Patients/Parents will pay $30 initial monthly fee (auto-renewal)
    a. The fee will be set up on monthly auto payment
  5. The final completed application will be sent to parent or patient to be re-signed
    The applicant(s) is now a member of Night Lite Saving plan

We Offer Night Lite Pediatrics Saving Plans to Organizations of all Sizes

Who can benefit from your organization?

  • Employees with children (under 21)
    • uninsured
    • with high-deductible insurance
    • utilizing COBRA for children
  • Employees under 21 with high-deductible insurance
  • Employees under 21 without insurance

Support Your Employees Families to Stay Healthy –  Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Night Lite Savings Plan?

A monthly membership, that gives parents a more affordable option for high-quality pediatric care. With a monthly fee of $30.00 per patient, parents can join the membership.

How does the Night Lite Savings Plan work?

Once the parent signed up (agree to the terms and conditions), you pay the monthly installment. We will deduct the $30.00 from your CC every month. The patient then can visit any Night Lite Pediatrics at any of the 13 locations. Pay the copay of $50.00, (if it is a complex visit, $40 more), and also have access to unlimited telemedicine.

Who is eligible?

Anyone Newborn – 21 years old. If under 18, a parent or guardian must be present at every visit.

Where can I sign up?

Online, in the clinic, or over the phone.

How long do I have to be a member before I can start using the services?

Immediately – Sign up today, use services today!

How long do I have to be a member?

The terms and conditions reflect a 12-month agreement.

How much is the monthly fee?

The monthly fee is $30/month..

How much do I have to pay per visit?

The basic visit is a $50 copay. For a more complex visit, an additional charge will apply, $40/visit.