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Frequently Asked Questions – Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care Greater Orlando Area Florida

Will my child be seen by a pediatrician at Night Lite Pediatrics?
Our staff include pediatricians and nurse practitioners with pediatric experience. Your child may be seen by a pediatrician or mid-level practitioner.
Does Night Lite Pediatrics accept insurance?
Unlike some local urgent care centers, we do accept most insurances. Call your individual insurance company for copay information and fees.
Do I need an appointment at Night Lite Pediatrics?
No appointment is necessary. All children are seen on a walk-in basis. Exceptions will be made for infants less than 2 months, critically sick or injured children who will need to be seen immediately.
What hours are you open?
We are open on weekdays from 4pm to 12am, and on weekends 12pm to 12am. We are open 365 days a year.
Can I get advice over the phone?
No, we do not provide advice over the phone. Our staff will not make a determination about the condition of your child. It is important to bring your child in so our clinical professionals can evaluate your child in person.
How is Night Lite Pediatrics different from an emergency room?
Night Lite Pediatrics is less expensive, more efficient, and designed to treat children specifically. Please note “Urgent Care Centers” have higher co-pays and deductibles. Our charges will be higher than your normal pediatrician, but significantly less than the emergency room.. Turn around times at our urgent care facilities are 3-4 times faster than an average emergency room visit.
What age patients do you see at Night Lite Pediatrics?
We see newborns up to 21 years of age.
How much will a visit cost?

At the time of service, we will verify your insurance and estimate your URGENT CARE patient responsibility. This may be the form of a copay, towards your deductible or co-insurance. We will collect this estimate at check-in. The remainder of the charges are submitted to your insurance. The remainder of the charges are submitted to your insurance. Benefits are subject to all contract limitations and the member’s status on the date of service. Every effort is made to collect member’s copay and deductibles based on urgent care benefits. Accumulated amounts may chance as claims are processed by your insurance.

For uninsured patients, payment is due at time of service. A substantial discount will be offered to Self Pay Patients.

What services do you provide at Night Lite Pediatrics?
We provide a full range of pediatric services including comprehensive exams, lab work, fracture care, laceration care (stitches, Dermabond or staples), antibiotic injections, tetanus updates and breathing treatments. We can also remove foreign bodies from the nose, ears or skin. We do not provide well child checks or routine immunizations.
Will my pediatrician know about this visit?
A summary of the evaluation, diagnosis and care provided is faxed to your pediatrician’s office immediately after your visit. If your child’s condition requires a call to the pediatrician for consultation or follow up, then we will call while your child is in the office.
What if my child needs to be admitted to the hospital?

Night Lite Pediatrics will call your physician and arrange for your child to be admitted to the hospital through our hospitalist group CFPICS (Central Florida Pediatric Intensive Care Specialists).

Do I need a referral from my doctor’s office?

Because we are an urgent care facility, no referral is necessary to be seen in the clinic.

When should we go to an emergency room?

You should always go to the emergency room if instructed to do so by your primary physician. Some problems such as ingestions, severe trauma, fever in the first 8 weeks of life, or possible meningitis are better handled in an emergency room. Otherwise, Night Lite Pediatrics will save you time and money compared to an emergency room visit.

Where will I get my prescriptions filled?

We will electronically submit the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice prior to your leaving the clinic. We have all of the local 24 hour pharmacies on listed for your convenience to allow you to pick up your medicine on the way home.

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