Heat Stroke Treatment for Children

Heat Stroke Treatment for Children Questions and Answers

Understanding the steps to take to avoid heatstroke in kids, and what to do if you suspect your child is experiencing heat stroke are very important. At Night Lite Pediatrics, we have convenient locations in the Greater Orlando area to offer medical care to children for medical concerns, including heatstroke. We provide walk-in services at all locations, give us a call for more information or find the closest location to you online.

Heat Stroke Treatment for Children Near Me in Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, West Melbourne, and Port St Lucie Florida areas.
Heat Stroke Treatment for Children Near Me in Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, West Melbourne, and Port St Lucie Florida areas.

What do I do if my child has a heat stroke?

Heatstroke can easily happen during the summer months or anytime people are in a hot climate, whether on vacation or due to where they live. Children can be especially prone to heatstroke as they don’t recognize the signs of heatstroke and just want to run around and play until they’re too tired. Even then, sometimes they want to keep going. If your child, or a child in your care, starts showing signs of heatstroke, immediately remove them from the heat and get them to a cool location. Ideally, this is an air-conditioned space such as a library, mall, store, restaurant, anywhere that has air conditioning and can help start to cool the child off. A car will work as well, provided that it can be cooled off prior to the child getting in it, particularly if it has been sitting in the sun. If all else fails, at least getting to a shaded area, outside of direct sunlight can help until a better solution becomes available. If the child is able, try giving them some cool water or an electrolyte sport drink to help replenish some of the fluids they have potentially lost from sweating. If available, apply a sponge or towel that has been soaked in cold water to their skin. In the case of the child not being able to drink anything or if they are losing alertness, seek medical attention immediately. An urgent care, such as Night Lite Pediatrics, will have highly trained staff who can quickly and easily recognize the signs of heatstroke and start appropriate treatment immediately.

What doctor do I see for heatstroke?

Depending on the severity of the heatstroke, many options are available for medical treatment. If it is a mild case, and the child is responding to treatment, reach out to your family doctor or the child’s pediatrician to see if they think you should seek immediate medical attention or simply monitor for any complications. For more moderate cases, a child should see a doctor as soon as possible. Urgent care is a great option for a child to receive immediate medical attention. Night Lite Pediatrics has 13 locations in the Greater Orlando area to provide immediate medical attention to kids when they need it. We offer late night service, specializing and focused on the needs of patients under the age of 18. If the child is experiencing a severe case of heatstroke and has lost consciousness or has other severe symptoms, they need emergency medical attention through a hospital emergency room.

How do you treat heatstroke?

Heatstroke treatment will vary based on the severity of the condition in each person. Mild cases can often be treated at home by bringing the body’s internal temperature down by removing the affected person from the heat source. From there, getting them cooled off can include placing them in an air-conditioned space, spraying them with cool water and using a fan to dry the water off, drinking water or an electrolyte sports drink, immersing them in a cool bath or wrapping them in damp, cool towels or sheets. When it comes to children, it is usually a good idea to have them checked over by a doctor, especially if they are too young to properly communicate. This will ensure they are checked over for any signs of complications and to make sure that the heatstroke wasn’t more severe than initially suspected. Night Lite Pediatrics offers urgent care services to patients under the age of 18 for any number of medical conditions requiring immediate medical attention, including heatstroke.

What happens if heatstroke is left untreated?

Mild cases of heatstroke will leave no lasting side effects and the affected individual can go about their normal life once they have recovered. If left untreated, moderate to severe cases of heatstroke can cause damage to the internal organs, including the brain, that can lead to serious health issues. In the case of severe heat stroke that is left untreated, this can be life-threatening due to the damage that it causes to the body. For children, it is best to err on the side of caution and get them looked over by a doctor to ensure that no damage has been done. Night Lite Pediatrics has convenient locations with staff on-site late into the night so that if your child starts exhibiting symptoms of a more serious heat-related illness, you can get them checked out while avoiding an expensive emergency room visit.

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