Pediatric IV Therapy Services

Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care Located in Greater Orlando, Melbourne, Jacksonville and Port St Lucie Areas Are Open Late Night, Every Night Providing Walk-in Medical Treatment for Infants to Young Adults Up to 21 Years of Age.

Intravenous therapy has been used for decades to deliver essential medication and nutrients to patients in hospitals. IV treatments provide maximum absorption by the body which makes it an excellent option for patients who require the administration of medication without delay. When used they contain a high concentration of essential nutrients, antibiotics, pain relievers, and other vital medications that are delivered directly into the bloodstream. At Night-Lite Pediatrics, we are proud to offer pediatric IV therapy treatments to children throughout Florida at all 13 of our urgent care walk-in clinics.

When IV therapy is administered, a small catheter must be inserted into a patient’s vein and then secured so that it can be connected to a bag filled with fluids and medicine. Needles can be scary for young children, but our pediatric-trained nurses and our board-certified pediatricians specialize in the care of children, so they have the experience necessary to ensure an IV administration is as stress-free as possible for your child.

When necessary, to help your child return to their normal state, we can start intravenous fluids or administer antibiotics or anti-nausea medication.

We provide Intravenous (IV) therapy for the following:

  • Dehydration
  • Antibiotic therapy
  • Pain management


The administration of an IV can be made easier for children when the pediatrician and parent work in tandem. You can often help distract your child by talking with them, telling them a story, or letting them watch a favorite show on your phone or tablet. Once the IV has been inserted, it should not hurt. However, some children will still try to remove the catheter because it feels uncomfortable. It is essential to keep your child occupied, so they do not attempt to remove the needle.

We understand how important your child’s well-being and safety is, and we strive to offer the highest quality pediatric care available to help you keep them happy and healthy.

Night-Lite Pediatrics offers urgent care and pediatric IV therapy treatments on a walk-in basis at 13 locations throughout the state of Florida. Our clinics are open late seven days a week, so your child can always see a certified doctor when they need one.



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