A Message from Dr. Ayodeji Otegbeye President and Founder of Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care.

Message from Dr. Ayodeji Otegbeye
Message from Dr. Ayodeji Otegbeye

“Here at Night Lite Pediatrics, we are aware of the heartbreaking tragedies that are occurring in our country. Racial injustices are crippling our communities before our eyes.

Unfortunately, many law enforcement departments in our nation have adopted an attitude of racial bias at best, bigotry at worse.

This is affecting the black community disproportionally. The police are meant to protect ALL, but this hallmark of protection is often not felt in communities of color.

The call for reform is resounding in the black community and now being called for across all ages, races, and genders in the US and across the world.

The need for “Black Lives Matter” should not be reality in the year 2020. Subconscious and overt hatred should not prevail.

At Night Lite Pediatrics, we take equal opportunity very seriously and are proud to say that we have a team of people from diverse backgrounds and different parts of the world forming an enterprise where all are accepted.

We will forever stand in solidarity with the black community and any sector of our social fabric that is wrongfully oppressed.


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