Pediatric Ear Pain Specialist

Pediatric Ear Pain Specialist Questions and Answers

Many parents can tell you that ear pain always strikes at the worst time – either at bedtime or very late at night. Night Lite Pediatrics provides parents with an option for medical care late at night through urgent care at our convenient locations. To find the location nearest you, give us a call for more information. We serve patients from Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, West Melbourne, and Port St Lucie Florida areas.

Pediatric Ear Pain Specialist Near Me in Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, West Melbourne, and Port St Lucie Florida areas.
Pediatric Ear Pain Specialist Near Me in Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, West Melbourne, and Port St Lucie Florida areas.

What are the causes of ear pain in kids?

Ear pain can be caused by any number of issues, not all of them related to an ear infection. With kids, ear pain can be a result of a change in air pressure, cold or respiratory illness, exposure to cold air, foreign objects in the ear, trauma or injury, or sudden, loud noises. Other issues that can cause pain in the ear for young children include a build up of ear wax, irritation caused by cotton swabs and shampoo or soap that has gotten into the ear, even water from swimming. In some cases, the pain will go away on its own or with the use of medications, cold packs, warm compresses, and sleep. If the pain is persistent or doesn’t seem to be responding to any at-home treatments, having your child seen by a doctor or pediatrician through urgent care like Night Lite Pediatrics can provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

What happens if an earache is left untreated?

Depending on the cause of the earache, treatment may or may not be necessary. Kids can have a hard time communicating and describing their ear pain, even where the actual pain itself is coming from. This makes it important to get the earache checked out by a doctor such as one of the doctors on staff at Night Lite Pediatrics. Since they specialize in pediatric care and medicine, they are well-versed and highly experienced in diagnosing ear pain in young patients of all ages, even if they are too young to talk. The doctor will ask several questions about overall health, any travel, exposure to external forces, or any other issue that could be causing the child to experience pain in their ear. A physical exam will also be performed, making sure to check the ear, but also other areas that could be causing pain, such as the throat and nose in the case of cold or respiratory infection. If treatment is needed to clear up an infection the doctor will prescribe that. Otherwise, they can provide suggestions on care to help alleviate any pain.

How do you know if your child’s ear pain is serious?

It can be hard to know if a child’s ear pain is serious, particularly in young children who can’t fully communicate. Even in older children, may struggle with trying to explain their pain. Ear infections are very common in kids, so seeking medical attention from a place like Night Lite Pediatrics can determine if the pain is serious and requires medical attention. Some signs that your child may exhibit to indicate they are experiencing pain in their ear include:

  • Pulling on the ear
  • Unexplained and persistent fussiness or crying
  • Unexplained and persistent irritation
  • Fever
  • Change in appetite
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Fluid discharge coming from the ear
  • Temporary loss of hearing in one or both ears

Can a child have ear pain without infection?

Ear infections aren’t the only reason for a child to experience ear pain. While an ear infection will cause pain, other causes of ear pain can include:

  • An object in the ear
  • Excessive ear wax
  • Ruptured or perforated eardrum
  • Sore throat or sinus infection
  • Irritation from cotton swabs
  • Soap or shampoo that has gotten in the ear

The team at Night Lite Pediatrics is experienced in diagnosing and treating ear pain in young children. They can let you know what is causing the ear pain and provide a a proper treatment plan, whether that involves medication to clear up an infection, or an at-home treatment method such as a warm compress, cold pack or over-the-counter pain medication.

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