As your child grows older, they can be more at risk for injury such as a laceration due to rougher play. This means that you may need to find your nearest urgent care center to perform a pediatric laceration repair.

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Lacerations are categorized as minor trauma, and our expertly trained pediatricians at Night Lite Pediatrics will be able to attend to your child’s laceration at your soonest convenience.

If your child injures themselves during playground activities or by mishandling common household equipment, be sure to come into our urgent care center for rapid treatment.

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What is a laceration?

A laceration is an opening in the skin caused by excessive force. Lacerations are otherwise known as skin wounds or cuts.

Cuts and scratches occur frequently and may require action. We deliver necessary treatment with stitches, glue (Dermabond), or special bandaging for your kid’s lacerations to help them restore as fast as possible.

Dermabond is a sterile, liquid, skin adhesive that holds wound edges together. The film will usually remain in place for 5 to 10 days.  Then the adhesive will naturally slough off the skin.

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What are Symptoms and Complications of Lacerations?

In order to identify whether your child needs laceration repair, you must first distinguish the characteristics of the laceration. If your child presents with any of the following symptoms, then they may need medical treatment:

  • Laceration on the face
  • Longer than ½ an inch
  • Deep and heavy bleeding
  • Are red, swollen, or warm to touch
  • Laceration due to animal or human bite
  • Caused by a dirty object

Accessibility is always important to parents, so Night Lite Pediatrics is available at 13 strategically located clinics in Greater Orlando and surrounding areas.

Pediatric Laceration Treatments

When your child experiences a laceration, it is normal as a parent to panic and rush to find information on how to make it better. If the laceration meets any of the above criteria, then we suggest you come into one of our 13 urgent care centers for a full assessment and treatment plan.

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How Can Our Clinic Help to Speed up the Recovery Process?

If you require immediate treatment for a laceration, our expertly trained staff will attend to any issues at hand. Our physicians and staff are all well trained and can provide treatment with stitches or glue (dermabond)  to help close the wound.

Furthermore, we are able to assess the laceration for any infections and prescribe an appropriate course of antibiotics to speed recovery time.


Steri-Strips are medical adhesive bandages that can be used on more minor lacerations instead of a stitch.

Yes, all incisions and cuts to the skin will result in a scar. 

Lacerations can be of many shapes and sizes. The skin may look like a cut or tear, and may have some redness and swelling around the area.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment. It is aimed at presenting a perspective only and is not a substitute for a prescription. Anyone experiencing a medical condition should consult their doctor.


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