Pediatric Occult Blood Testing

Pediatric Occult Blood Testing Questions and Answers

Night Lite Pediatrics has an onsite laboratory and can provide complex tests so we can easily diagnose and treat your child’s ailment. Many other pediatric urgent care centers just don’t offer our level of testing. One of our tests is the occult blood test which can help us detect certain infections, bleeding, and some other health issues in children. We serve patients from Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, West Melbourne, and Port St Lucie Florida areas.

Pediatric Occult Blood Testing Near Me Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, West Melbourne, and Port St Lucie Florida Areas
Pediatric Occult Blood Testing Near Me Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, West Melbourne, and Port St Lucie Florida Areas

What is an occult blood test?

In some patient cases, a stool sample can provide doctors with information about a problem with the stomach, intestines, or rectum, or another part of the gastrointestinal (GI) system. If there’s blood in the stool, this can indicate a problem. Sometimes blood in the stool is caused by harmful bacteria or parasites, for example. It may be necessary to examine the stool under a microscope, or test it for the presence of blood, and this test is called the fecal occult blood test (FOBT). The FOBT can detect occult blood in the stool, which is blood that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

What can an occult blood test indicate?

If blood is detected in the stool, it could indicate a problem like:

  • Polyps
  • An allergy
  • Inflammation
  • Bleeding in the GI tract caused by an ulcer or another issue
  • A gastrointestinal infection caused by a bacterium, virus, or parasite

What’s the procedure for an occult blood test?

For a week before the test, your child may have to avoid eating certain foods, as well as avoid taking certain medications like vitamin C supplements, aspirin, and anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen). Before the test, a medical professional may provide instructions on how to collect a stool sample, or you can contact the clinic for instructions. The sample is taken by a parent at home, as opposed to a medical professional at a clinic. If a child is old enough, the child may be able to collect the sample alone, but you’ll have to instruct your child about this.

There are no risks associated with this part of the process or any other. There’s no pain either. You should tell your child the collection won’t hurt, but it must be done for your child’s health, and it must be done carefully.

Once the sample has arrived at the clinic, it goes to the lab where it’s checked for blood. The test entails the use of a special paper and a chemical solution, and if the paper turns blue during the test, this indicates blood in the stool. After the test is done, the results are typically reported within a day.

You are more than welcome to reach out to us here at Night Lite Pediatrics if you have any other questions about the occult blood test with us, or if you believe your child may need the test.

Where can I get an occult blood test for my child near me?

You can get the occult blood test for your child right here at Night Lite Pediatrics. Our clinic can also provide treatment or a referral for treatment for a health issue the test detects. Also, Night Lite Pediatrics is a recipient of the Laboratory Excellence Award given by COLA, so our labs meet rigorous federal and state regulatory requirements, and our tests follow very strict guidelines.

If you believe your child should be tested for polyps, an allergy, inflammation, an ulcer, an infection, or another issue, connect with our clinic today or just come see us. An appointment isn’t necessary. Our clinic has locations in Greater Orlando and beyond. Please visit our Locations page for the location near you, its address, and its contact information, then contact us or just come see us today.

We hope to see you and your child very soon!

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