Pediatric Telemedicine in Tampa, FL

Pediatric Telemedicine in Tampa, FL

You can still get healthcare for your child even if you can’t leave home or your child doesn’t want to leave. At an urgent care clinic like Night Lite Pediatrics, you can get pediatric telemedicine and remote healthcare without having to go anywhere at all! For pediatric telemedicine in Tampa FL, call our clinic today so we can set you up with a quick, convenient appointment.

Pediatric Telemedicine Near Me in Tampa, FL
Pediatric Telemedicine Near Me in Tampa, FL

How can I get pediatric telemedicine?

It’s really easy to get this kind of care with Night Lite Pediatrics; just call us at (407) 500-5437. One of our staff members will schedule you and your child in for a pediatric telemedicine appointment.

Prior to the appointment, our clinic will send you the information you’ll need and tell you what you can expect. This information can be sent to the mobile device, computer, tablet, or other device you’ll be using for your appointment, and all you’ll have to do is allow these permissions on the device: camera, microphone, and location.

After your appointment with our clinic, we’ll send you the details of your appointment. After that, you’ll get a follow-up call from us to make sure your child is recovering well.

What do I need in order to schedule a virtual visit?

Before calling our clinic, it would be helpful if you could get the following:

  • Your health insurance card and driver’s license/a picture ID
  • A debit/credit card for payment
  • If applicable, information about the pharmacy you frequent
  • Your child’s date of birth, weight, and temperature
  • An email address we can correspond with

Those details will help us develop your child’s profile and your profile for the appointment.

What can pediatric telemedicine treat?

Generally, with pediatric telemedicine, the following conditions can be addressed remotely:

  • Gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, constipation, and vomiting
  • Skin problems and related problems like skin infections, minor cuts, scratches, rashes, bug bites, and minor burns
  • Ear/nose/throat problems like ear pain, allergies, pinkeye, the flu, colds, and sinus complications
  • Common injuries like minor sprains and simple strains
  • Fever in children 3 months old or older (fever in a child under 3 months old is an emergency)
  • Asthma and minor respiratory issues

It’s possible to treat some other health issues online and to refill prescriptions. Connect with our clinic to learn more on this topic.

What are the benefits of pediatric telemedicine?

There are a lot of benefits! Some include:

  • Accessibility (at Night Lite Pediatrics, we’re available to you 7 days a week, and most of our locations are open from 9 am to 9 pm)
  • Affordability (with a visit costing little compared to an in-clinic visit or an emergency room visit for a minor health issue)
  • Quick prescriptions that can be sent over to the pharmacy you frequent for pickup
  • No travel time or wait time
  • Any young patients up to age 21 can be seen
  • Your child can receive care from the comfort of home

Does all that sound easy enough for you and your child? If so, we’d like to hear from you at Night Lite Pediatrics!

Do you offer pediatric telemedicine in Tampa, FL?

Yes, we do! Night Lite Pediatrics offers pediatric telemedicine for young patients in the Tampa area and surrounding areas. Connect with us today by calling us at (407) 500-5437. We’ll set you up with a telemedicine appointment for your child.

You may find that some of the following resources are helpful before you call us:

Give us a call once you’re ready to book a pediatric telemedicine appointment with Night Lite Pediatrics!

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