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Welcome to Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care Dr. Phillips “Tourist area”. We are located at  8956 Dr. Phillips “Tourist area” Rd Suite 950, Orlando, FL 32819. You can contact us at 407-506-0002 during our opening hours of 4pm-midnight on weekdays and 12pm-midnight on weekdays. We are conveniently located in Dr. Phillips “Tourist area” in order to treat all patients from nearby surrounding communities. 

We are conveniently located in the shopping center before the Walmart on Dr. Phillips “Tourist area” in order to treat all patients from nearby surrounding communities.

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We pride ourselves on providing comforting child-friendly environments to reduce any unwarranted stress.

Personalized Care At Night Lite Pediatrics Dr. Phillips “Tourist area”

Parents looking for late night pediatric urgent care can turn to our expert medically trained staff and board-certified pediatricians Dr. Mohammed W. Kaashmiri and Dr. Pankaj Shroff  at Night Lite Pediatrics. As both parents and pediatricians, we understand the stress that arises from your child’s injury or illness, on top of the long wait times in the ER. This can not only cause a tremendous financial burden on the parent, but may instigate fear in your child. At Night Lite Pediatrics, we strive to provide specialized pediatric care for you and your family from the comforts of your doctor’s office. Need to book an arrival time after hours? Online Reservations available Now! 

Our onsite lab guarantees efficient and rapid diagnostic testing.

late night pediatric urgent care

Our onsite lab guarantees efficient and rapid diagnostic testing.

How We Provide The Best Pediatric and Adolescent Care

Our board-certified pediatricians are trained to deal with all kinds of situations that may arise, and are able to extract all the necessary details from your child so that you can rest assured knowing your family is in good hands. Furthermore, our Dr. Phillips “Tourist area” urgent care center is one of 13 conveniently located late-night clinics across the state of Florida, ensuring that appropriate and efficient treatment is situated right at your doorstep. Many of the modern advances in technology and medicine have made all aspects of medical technology more portable and accessible. All of our clinics come fitted with X-ray machinery and a state-of-the-art on-site laboratory so our pediatricians can carry out any diagnostic testing needed. We offer care as needed, either by booking an arrival time online or through our walk-in urgent care, for regular patients as well as new patients We accept all major health insurance policies and provide various self-pay options, ensuring that finances will not be your main concern. Night Lite Pediatrics Dr. Phillips “Tourist area” is now offering Same-Day PCR Covid-19 testing to adults and pediatric patients.

  • Approved for International Travel
  • Results the Same-Day
  • New Patients and Walk-ins Welcome
  • Pediatric Patients and Adults

PCR Covid-19 testing with Same-Day results is only available at Dr. Phillips “Tourist area” location. Get your RT-PCR test results on the Same-Day Now. Walk-ins Welcome

Our Other Locations

We currently have 13 convenient locations situated around Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, Port St Lucie, and West Melbourne, all of which are open 7 days a week after-hours until early morning. To find out which of our urgent care pediatric centers is nearest to you, click here.


Our staff is equipped to treat a variety of conditions that an emergency room might be needed for such as: 

Patient Reviews

Do was amazing very friendly and sweet to my kids, Dr Quresh was perfect in every way definitely worth the drive across town

Cw26ny / a week ago

Very friendly and fast service!!!! Would recommend 1000000%

Lynette Gutierrez / 3 weeks ago

Everyone was very kind and attentive. Very impressed.

Lisa Midden / a month ago

This place was phenomenal! I came for vacation and did not know where to go. Lucky I stumbled upon Night Lite and thank goodness I did. It is a walk-in clinic (so no wait), and I was given exceptional care. If you are visiting the Orlando area, and need pediatric urgent care needs, I highly recommend Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care.

Danny Sustaita / 5 months ago

I had to go in for a rapid test for my son. Debbie and Ana were great, we were in and out within 1 hour. Night Lite Pediatrics and it’s staff have always been great.
Thank you all!

Nathalia Beghini / 7 months ago

Service is very quick. I came for a covid-19 test required by my job and on their website it said to expect a 2-3 hour wait, but I was in and out in less than an hour, and with no appointment. Other places I had to make an appointment and I still had to wait two hours. Definitely coming here again next time I need a test.

Summer Hagan / a year ago

My son was sick with many COVID symptoms. His pediatrician doesn’t do the testing so she referred us to Night Lite. We didn’t have to wait long at all, we waited in the car until we were called to meet the nurse for a nose swab and then we were sent on our way. We were called the results within one hour! Such a smooth experience!

Darth Unnecesary / 11 months ago

The staff, nurse and doctor were all very nice and very apologetic because the wait time. I took my kids to have the COVID19 test done at the Dr. Phillips “Tourist area” location and the only downside was the wait, we waited almost 3 hours to have it done and then they called us 3 hours later with the result. Make sure you fill the patient form online before you head there.

Ana Vieira / 10 months ago

Great medical service if you have a little one sick during your stay in Orlando. We were on vacations. My son got sick and at Disney they recommended a different Urgent Care. We got there and it was a 2-3 hour wait. I found this place on line and turned out perfect. Clean, professional and quick. There is a 24 hours CVS a mile from there. Convenient

Elisa de Anda / a year ago

Our son had exposure at his daycare to a child who tested positive for Covid. We waited 5 days and had him tested. He is negative. Pre-fill our registration form prior to arrival. In addition, arrive 30 minutes prior to office opening. Love the results within hours of the test.

Scott Hampton / a year ago

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