Pediatric Radiology Services in Greater Orlando, FL

If you’ve been searching for pediatric radiology services in Greater Orlando FL, then you’ll find them with us here at Night Lite Pediatrics. We can provide any X-rays your child needs, and an appointment isn’t necessary, so you can come see us right away today if you need to. Our clinic is your local and go-to provider of pediatric radiology!

Pediatric Radiology Services in Greater Orlando, FL
Pediatric Radiology Services in Greater Orlando, FL

What is pediatric radiology?

In pediatric radiology, imaging techniques and equipment are used in the diagnosis of certain illnesses and injuries in infants, children, and adolescents. An example of an imaging technique is the X-ray. Imaging techniques must be done properly and safely, so fully trained pediatric radiologists perform them, and these professionals also interpret the results of the tests, making a diagnosis.

Night Lite Pediatrics is a pediatric urgent care/radiology clinic with an in-house X-ray machine and an onsite pediatric radiologist at each of our clinic locations. At our clinic, all our X-rays are read and reviewed by our board-certified pediatric doctors. And since we’re an urgent care practice, you can come see us without having to make an appointment first. It may be necessary to come see us if your child has a minor injury and needs an immediate X-ray.

Does my child need an X-ray?

If your child has experienced any kind of minor, non-life-threatening trauma and you suspect a bone-related injury, they may need an X-ray. For instance, some sports injuries, like a leg fracture, may require an X-ray. At a clinic like ours, the professionals can evaluate any injury to see whether an X-ray is necessary. Please remember, though, life-threatening or possibly life-threatening injuries must be evaluated and treated at the ER (emergency room). Only they have the equipment and expertise to handle life-threatening injuries. If an injury is non-life-threatening, it can and should be evaluated and treated at an urgent care center like ours; minor injury care is much quicker at urgent care than at the ER.

What procedures are done in radiology for children? Why is a radiology test done?

In addition to the X-ray, there are other imaging techniques in the field of pediatric radiology. The following is a list of the different imaging techniques and their purposes:

  • X-rays – To examine an area of the body where there’s pain, discomfort, and a possibility of a bone injury; or to monitor the progression of certain diseases
  • Ultrasounds – To give a doctor a clear picture of a young patient’s soft tissues for the evaluation of abdominal, pelvic, or scrotal pain
  • Computed tomography (CT) scans – To diagnose some causes of abdominal pain, some injuries, or some infectious or inflammatory disorders
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans – To diagnose certain injuries, illnesses, or congenital abnormalities in a child
  • Nuclear medicine – To help with the diagnosis of congenital disorders or to evaluate any issues with the organs, like a urinary blockage in the kidneys

Here at Night Lite Pediatrics, we can provide X-rays, the most common imaging technique, but we can provide a referral if your child needs another test like an ultrasound.

Do you offer pediatric radiology services in Greater Orlando, FL?

Yes, we do! Night Lite Pediatrics has a location near you where we offer pediatric radiology services like X-rays. Please see our Locations page for the clinic location nearest you. On that page, you’ll be able to get the contact information and addresses for all our clinic locations. As an urgent care clinic, we’re available to you without the need for an appointment, and we’re open for you and your child seven days a week, after hours and late in the night. Come see us right away today for immediate care for your child!



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