Referring Physicians are Welcome at Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care

We Serve West Melbourne, Oviedo, Winter Garden, Lake Mary, Kissimmee, Sand Lake, Apopka, St. Cloud, Oak Ridge, East Orlando, Port St Lucie, Jacksonville & Mandarin Jacksonville.

What type of labs do you provide in your office?

Night Lite Pediatrics has on-site lab services available. We are able to do the following test immediately while your patient is at Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent care:

  • CBC with 3 part diff.
  • BMP (Chem. 7)
  • Rapid Strep A
  • Flu A/B
  • RSV
  • Mono Spot
  • Dipstick UA
  • HCG (Urine Pregnancy)
  • Occult Blood
  • Blood Glucose
What if there is a lab test that is needed and you can’t perform it in your office?

We have contracted with Quest Diagnostics and Florida Pathology Laboratories to perform stat lab tests that cannot be performed immediately within our offices.

What insurance companies are you contracted with?

Night Lite Pediatrics has been well-received by our local insurance providers. See our insurance list.

Who reads X-rays if needed?

All X-rays are read by our doctors. As needed X-rays are sent to radiologists for a second opinion.

How do you handle an admission?

Night Lite Pediatrics is here to complement your primary care physician . We will gladly customize the way we handle an admission based on the primary care physician’s preferences.

Do you plan to serve as the hospitalist if an admission is needed?

One of the benefits that Night Lite Pediatrics can offer beyond other after hour clinics is the fact that we provide the full-continuum of care. If desired, Night Lite Pediatrics’ intensivists can manage your patient from triage to discharge. We are committed to keeping you informed of the whole process. Please keep in mind if you desire to manage your patient’s admission or have a different practice manage your patient, we will gladly honor that as well.

What are the benefits of Night Lite Pediatrics vs. other evening hours clinics?

There are several advantages to sending your patients to Night Lite Pediatrics:

  • Providing expert medical care supervised by Board Certified Pediatric Intensivists and Pediatric Critical Care Specialists who have practiced in Central Florida for over 12 years.
  • Ability to provide the full-continuum of care from triage to discharge.
  • Open 365 days of the year
  • Open longer hours
  • Our goal is to help ease the pressure off your practice in the evenings. We believe experience makes the difference in properly caring for your children.
How will we know if our patient has arrived at your center?

We will handle all communication based on the results from your survey. If you have not already completed our preference survey, please call our offices at 407-398-6470 to have one faxed to you.

Will you only admit to Florida Children’s Hospital?

All admissions will be handled according to your preference and insurance.

Do you have transport services available in the event of an emergency?

911 services will be used in the event of a true emergency. For transports of admissions, etc., we have contracted with a local ambulance service.

What type of staff do you have?

We have a full staff including a physician, nurse and radiology tech/medical assistant.

How should we refer our patients to you?

Patients can access us through the following ways:

  • Telephone referral directly from you or your office – Preferred Method, please call (407)398-6470
  • Triage from your office to Night Lite Pediatrics
  • Evening hours direct referral (send patients directly without calling)
  • ER diversions
What if we use a triage/referral service in the evening?

We are encouraging patients to contact your office first before coming to our center. We have made arrangements with TeleKids for evening – hour triage. If you would like Night Lite Pediatrics to be a referral option for TeleKids, please contact the program director in writing to make note of this addition. TeleKids number is (407)237-6360.


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