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Confidential STD Testing Questions and Answers

Night Lite Pediatric offers medical care and services to patients up to the age of 21. This includes STD testing for patients where needed. We have several convenient locations throughout Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, Port St Lucie and Melbourne that are open late 7 days a week and provide walk-in urgent care. To find the location near you, click here or call us for more information.

Confidential STD Testing Near Me Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, West Melbourne, and Port St Lucie Florida areas.
Confidential STD Testing Near Me Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, West Melbourne, and Port St Lucie Florida areas.

What are STD tests for?

STDs, or sexually transmitted diseases, are infections that are passed from one person to another through unprotected sexual contact when one person is infected. STD tests are used to check for the presence of the bacteria that causes the STD. These tests are important for your overall health and well-being, as well as that of your sexual partners. Many STDs don’t have symptoms so the only way to know if you have contracted one is by receiving a test. At Night Lite Pediatrics, we offer confidential STD testing to our patients up to the age of 21 in an environment that they are familiar and comfortable with. We are able to perform the test and have it analyzed through our onsite laboratory services in order to provide you with your results as fast a possible. Our team understands that sex can be awkward and uncomfortable for teenagers and young adults to talk about, and that having to have an STD test can be especially uncomfortable. We provide a safe and compassionate environment that is focused only on the health of our patients, and making sure that they receive the medical care they need, no matter the reason. STD testing is an important part of being sexually active and people should have an STD test performed prior to engaging in sexual activities with any new partners to ensure you are both safe.

What does an STD test cover?

There are a few different types of STD tests available, depending what STD a person is being tested for. STD tests are a simple process to have performed, usually done through a urine or blood test, that can cover the testing of several different types of common infections. At Night Lite Pediatrics, we provide testing for many different common sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Our onsite laboratory service is able to process samples quickly and confidentially so that your information is always kept safe and private, and you have your results back as quickly as possible. We also offer our patients the upmost compassion and sensitivity, understanding that this can be an uncomfortable and nerve-wracking experience for teenagers and young adults. We want our patients to feel safe and comfortable through the STD testing process and will answer any questions as needed and walk you through the test procedure. Should your test results come back with a positive result, we will provide you with treatment options or a referral to a specialist should it be necessary.

How long does it take for STD to show up?

Sexually transmitted diseases can be hard to diagnose or suspect, as many of them may never show symptoms. Each person who contracts an STD will have a different experience with it, depending on the STD and their body’s reaction to the infection. Some people can and do show symptoms within days or weeks of the infection, while other people never show symptoms, making it highly likely that they will unknowingly pass the infection on to someone else. Regular STD testing is important for people of all ages who are sexually active when they change partners, or if their partner has potentially come into contact with an STD. While called sexually transmitted diseases, STDs can also be transmitted by other means such as sharing needles during drug use. The medical staff at Night Lite Pediatric Urgent Care can answer any questions you have about STDs, including how they are transmitted, how you can protect yourself against contracting one, what you should do if you think you may have one and what you need to do if you do test positive for an STD. If you suspect you may have an STD or may have come into contact with someone who has had one, our team can provide you with your testing options and let you know of any symptoms to watch out for, for both you and your partner.

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