Newborn Urgent Care Questions and Answers

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Newborn Urgent Care Questions and Answers

Newborns have health issues outside of regular pediatrician hours. However, the emergency room is sometimes an unnecessary expense. Therefore, you may be wondering what to expect from Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care, especially considering we have several locations throughout Florida.

Can I Take My Infant to Urgent Care?
Yes, you can take your infant to the urgent care center. It’s a convenient solution if you can’t get into your pediatrician’s office right away and don’t have a serious enough issue to visit the emergency room. We treat your infant in a calm environment with a gentle approach.

When Should I Take My Newborn to Urgent Care?
You can take your newborn to urgent care if he or she is vomiting or has diarrhea. We assist newborns who have fevers of more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. This tends to mean your newborn is battling an infection. We provide the necessary treatment and supply you with advice on keeping your little one comfortable.

If you notice your newborn has a rash, one of our practitioners can help. We determine the cause and prescribe a cream to clear it up.

Maybe your newborn is unusually fussy. If you bring him or her into our clinic, we’ll examine your son or daughter and find the cause. For instance, your newborn may have an earache or another issue you can’t see.

You may want to bring in your newborn if he or she has a noticeable change in appetite such as your child has refused several feedings. You may also want to bring in your child if he or she is eating poorly.

Changes in behavior are a cause to bring your newborn into our facility. One example is if you’re having trouble waking up your child. You also want to take notice if your child is sleepier than usual. Often, your newborn will cry more than normal or be extremely difficult to console if something is wrong. In these cases, we can help.

You can bring your newborn in if you notice he or she has a tender naval or penis. You want to look for redness as well as bleeding or oozing.

If your baby isn’t drinking an adequate amount of milk and has fewer tears or wet diapers, you can bring your baby into our office. We can also assist if your baby is constipated.

You may notice discharge around your newborn’s eyes. This can mean a clogged tear duct or a possible infection. We can help your newborn in either case.

How Old Does a Newborn Have to be to Go to Urgent Care?
You can bring in your newborn as early as you like. Our team is highly trained in taking care of children of all ages.

When Should You Bring Your Newborn to the Emergency Room?
If your newborn has an injury that causes uncontrollable bleeding, you should bring your newborn to the ER. Seizures or a loss of consciousness are both reasons to bring your child into the ER. You want to opt for the emergency room if your child had a head injury, deep cut, or burn. Any time you notice your child’s skin or lips look blue, gray, or purple, you should bring him or her into the ER. Basically, any time your newborn has a potentially life-threatening issue, you should opt for the ER rather than urgent care.

No appointments necessary. Just walk into one of our clinics throughout the Florida area with your newborn for quality, compassionate care.

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