Urgent Care in East Orlando, FL

Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care has experienced physicians, nurses, technicians, and medical assistants who provide immediate, compassionate care 7 days a week. No appointment Necessary. Walk-ins welcome. Call Now or visit us at 11325 lake underhill rd Orlando, FL 32825.

Urgent Care in East Orlando, FL

When your child is sick or injured, you just want them to receive the care they need as quickly as possible. You don’t want to worry about a high price tag or a long wait. Our cost-efficient price and low wait times broaden the number of patients who come into Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care, serving East Orlando, FL and the surrounding area, for the care their child needs.

Why Visit Our Facility

First and foremost, we solely focus on offering care during times when your regular pediatrician can’t take you. Our hours of operation are 4 pm and later on weekdays and anytime after noon until midnight on weekends. Typically, these are the hours when you would take your child to the emergency room, but this is expensive and time-consuming, especially if your child has a minor issue.

We also offer compassion when we treat your child. Our staff is friendly and willing to help your child feel better about the entire diagnostic and treatment process. We should mention our staff has training in taking care of kids specifically.

Conditions We Treat

We help children who have minor illnesses like the cold, flu, sinusitis, pink eye, and upper respiratory infections. We use antibiotics to clear up bacterial infections while we treat viral conditions slightly different. For viral infections, we may prescribe a medication to manage your symptoms until the infection clears your system. We might also provide you with advice to reduce your symptoms.

Sometimes, the cause of your child’s discomfort is a urinary tract infection (UTI). We can supply your child with a urinalysis to diagnose the problem. Then, we prescribe an antibiotic to combat the infection.

Injuries We Treat

It’s so easy for your child to get hurt. Whether they’re running and fall down the steps, or they slip and fall when climbing that hill you told them not to go near, they could end up with a broken bone. A strain or a sprain is also possible.

Unfortunately, bugs bite and bees sting and both can cause a reaction. We evaluate the severity of your child’s bite and supply him or her with relief. If your child was bitten by a tick, we remove it safely. We ensure we take out every last portion of the tick to reduce your child’s risk for Lyme disease significantly.

If your child gets burnt, cut, or has any other type of wound, a practitioner from our urgent care can assist. We start by assessing the extend of the wound. Then, we take the necessarily steps to disinfect it and keep your kid’s symptoms at bay.

We’re also available if your child is having an allergic reaction. Although we don’t take patients who are having a life-threatening reaction, we can help if your daughter or son is having a reaction like a rash.

Chronic Conditions

We don’t limit our practice to pressing matters either. You can bring your kid to our office for management of their asthma and allergies. We assist patients who have diabetes, asthma, sickle cell anemia, and kidney disease. A physician from our office can treat your kid for cystic fibrosis. We address ADHD, autism, and various other developmental disorders.

Contact Night Lite Pediatric Urgent Care today for an appointment for your child’s injury, illness, or chronic ailment by calling (407) 512-9550. You can also just walk in with your child!



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