Urgent Care Near Kissimmee, FL

Urgent Care in Kissimmee, FL

Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care Serves the area of Kissimmee, FL, 7 days a week! We Are Conveniently Located at 1267 W. Osceola Parkway, Kissimmee, FL 34741. Call Now for more information.

Urgent Care Near Me in Kissimmee, FL
Urgent Care Near Me in Kissimmee, FL

It doesn’t matter whether you notice a tick on your child at eight o’clock at night or your child comes down with flu-like symptoms during the day on the weekend. Our facility is equipped to handle minor illness and injuries. We also help manage chronic conditions in children.

Illnesses We Treat

Your kid is exposed to germs on a regular basis, both in school and in public. That’s not to mention that you bring home illness from work and other places. This means your child could get sick at any time, and these hours aren’t always around regular pediatrician hours. We offer care for issues including sinusitis, respiratory infections, and pink eye as well as colds and the flu. We also assist if your child should happen to have a urinary tract infection.

Injuries We Treat

Climbing, exploring, and running around frequently, especially with other children, make children susceptible to injury. For instance, your child may get a broken bone. If he or she runs and twists an ankle, your child may have a sprain or strain. Children also can get cuts, burns, and lacerations. Fortunately for parents, we treat them all.

Chronic Conditions We Manage

Unfortunately, not every child is lucky enough to be born with good health. They suffer from chronic conditions that plague them each day. Our heart goes out to all children, but especially these ones. We realize how hard it is for them to live their lives a bit differently than other children. 

We help these children manage their condition and live the best lives they possibly can. For instance, parents bring their children in who have diabetes, and we help the child by prescribing the necessary medication to control blood sugar levels. We also educate both parents and children, so they may take care of the issue better at home.

Asthma can control a child’s life by limiting their ability to perform physical activity. We, however, help these children live as normal of a life as possible. Through the use of inhalers and possibly medications, we reduce – or possibly eliminate – the number of asthma attacks your child is having. You may also bring your kid in if they’re having difficulty breathing, and a rescue inhaler isn’t working adequately.

Sickle cell anemia causes chronic fatigue and various other symptoms that affect your child, but we can help manage your child’s symptoms. Additionally, we assist children who have disorders like ADHD and autism.

Why Choose Us

Our late-night and weekend hours make us an excellent provider to take your children to when they’re hurt or sick. We provide care when your pediatrician’s office can’t. We can handle a majority of non-life-threatening issues that arise in your child, so you can avoid visiting the emergency room.

The price you pay at our clinic is affordable, especially in comparison to your pediatrician’s office or the hospital. We accept patients who don’t have insurance and accept most commercial insurances since we know the only thing on a parent’s mind is making their child feel better.

We’re passionate about caring for children. That’s how you know your child is going to get quality care. Plus, we know exactly how to work with children to ease their minds, no matter the procedure.

Walk in today! Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care serves Kissimmee, Florida and the surrounding region.

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