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Night Lite Pediatics Urgent Care John Young Pkwy is staffed by an expert medical team offering a variety of health services specifically for children. We provide easily accessible and affordable pediatric care for children of all ages. If your child is experiencing a non-emergency illness or injury, our clinic is equipped to treat them.

We are located at 5900 South John Young Parkway, Orlando, FL 32839. Please book an appointment online, contact us via phone at (407) 434-8171, or walk in to our clinic during opening hours: Monday to Friday 4pm-midnight and Saturday/Sunday 12pm-midnight.

Night Lite Pediatrics is equipped to treat all of your children’s non-emergency medical needs. Quick and efficient service provided here at John Young Pkwy will see your child treated much faster than a lengthy wait in the emergency room. Our trained professional medical staff are equipped to treat the following:

Where to Find Us

NLP Urgent Care John Young Pkwy can be found at 5900 South John Young Parkway, Orlando, FL 32839. Located in John Young Pkwy, we also serve the surrounding local communities of Holden Heights, Pine Castle, and Edgewood. Contact us by phone at (407) 434-8171 during open hours (4pm-midnight Monday-Friday and 12pm-midnight Saturday/Sunday). Walk-ins are welcome but booking an appointment is encouraged.

  • 5900 South John Young Parkway,
    Orlando, FL 32839
  • (407) 434-8171
  • Mon – Fri: 4pm – 12am
    Sat – Sun: 12pm – 12am

Other Services Night Lite Provides

NLP Urgent Care John Young Pkwy is staffed by an expert medical team of nurses and doctors specially trained in pediatric care. Please note that Urgent Care facilities are equipped to deal with cases that are not life-threatening. If your child is experiencing a life-threatening illness (e.g. severe bleeding or difficulty breathing), go to the emergency room at your nearest hospital.

For non-life-threatening illness or injuries, Urgent Care John Young Pkwy is fully equipped with laboratory and radiology services. Examples of what we can provide include:


Night Lite Pediatrics offers a convenient and efficient telemedicine service that allows you to access quality healthcare no matter where you are. This involves a virtual consultation with our expert medical team allowing them to accurately diagnose and develop a treatment plan for your child. Access this service for:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Ear, nose and throat infections
  • Eye infections (e.g. conjunctivitis)
  • Digestive issues (e.g. vomiting, diarrhea, constipation)
  • Fever/flu
  • Skin conditions
  • Minor injuries.

If our pediatrician determines that you need further testing, they may request that you pay a visit to your nearest urgent care center.

The telemedicine service is available Monday-Friday 2pm-10pm and Saturday/Sunday 12pm-10pm. Make an appointment online or call 407-500-5437 to book your virtual visit.

urgent care oak ridge
urgent care oak ridge

How to Schedule a Visit to NLP Urgent Care John Young Pkwy

Walk-ins are welcome at Urgent Care John Young Pkwy, however booking an appointment is recommended for more efficient care and shorter wait times. To book an appointment you will need the following:

  • Insurance card
  • Proof of identification (e.g. driver’s license or passport)
  • Patient’s name
  • Patient’s date of birth
  • Patient’s temperature
  • Parent’s name
  • Name, address, and phone number of preferred pharmacy

Cost of Service at NLP Urgent Care John Young Pkwy

Night Lite Pediatrics accepts most health insurance cards; however, bear in mind that the cost of urgent care will depend on the individual care provided to your child, and will change depending on what tests are required and the treatment prescribed. Night Lite Telemedicine appointments cost an average of $59.99 with self-pay, and all major credit cards are accepted. Please do not hesitate to ask our team if you have any questions regarding costs and services.

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Why Night Lite Pediatrics is Right for You

Night Lite Pediatrics offers expert medical services from our team of professionals specially trained in pediatric care. Children and young people require different medical treatment from older adults, and the team at NLP Urgent Care John Young Pkwy is fully trained with this in mind.

With our clinic’s accessible open hours seven days a week you can conveniently come in at a time that suits you. NLP Urgent Care John Young Pkwy has state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment complete with on-site laboratory and radiology services to cater to your every need, all under one roof.

Further, our well-staffed urgent care clinics allow for shorter wait times than traditional emergency rooms so you can avoid the lengthy wait to be seen. With over 13 locations all open late, you will not have to waste crucial time looking for a clinic to tend to your child.


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